Nusantara Regas Helps Muara Angke People to Recycle Waste

7/6/2018 10:17:11 AM

Jakarta, 4 Mei 2018 - As a form of corporate responsilibity of the surrounding community and to celebrate the 8th anniversary, PT Nusantara Regas conducts a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in Muara Angke fishing village of North Jakarta followed by all directors and workers (4/5).

The program consisted of the inauguration of the renovation of Pewaris Negeri kindergarden, a training of the making of green shell craft, garbage press tool, and the planting of mangrove trees.

President Director of PT Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma explained that CSR activities in Muara Angke focused on environmental aspects and community empowerment and education. 

"Nusantara Regas’s CSR activities in the Muara Angke area currently focus on the field of community empowerment, environment, and education. Especially for the empowerment and the environment, the programs we create are synergized, for example for the training of the making of green shell craft, not only empowered the community but also bring an impact to the environment. It is because the shells of green shell in Muara Angke is one of the biggest sources of wastes, but the shells can be utilized,” Tammy explained.

He then explained that the garbage press tool for the Waste Bank (Bank Sampah) community is also expected to increase people’s income as well as motivating the community to manage household waste.

“The participation of of the community to collect the garbage and then deposited into the Waste Bank is good enough. With this press tool, we wish to increase the selling price of waste, especially non-organic waste, so that people more eager to manage waste in their homes,” said Tammy

The Head Master of Pewaris Negeri kindergarden, Abdul Karim welcomes Nusantara Regas’s CSR program in his village.

“Not only kindergarden renovation assistance, all the CSR programs provided by Nusantara Regas are very beneficial to improve the quality of life and economy of Muara Angke community. We hope Nusantara Regas to continue this program,” Abdul wished.

This CSR activity ended with the planting of 8000 mangrove trees in Ecomarine Muara Angke mangrove forest with elementary school students and local people. All activities was hold in cooperation with communities in Muara Angke include Pewaris Negeri, Rumah Lipat, Bank Sampah Bahari Utama, and Muara Angke Mangrove Community.